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Since the mid-1960s, the Aleem twins, Tunde Ra & TaharQa Aleem, have been influential figures in the music scene. From their collaboration with Jimi Hendrix to founding Nia Records in 1979, they have shaped genres like rock, blues, R&B, dance, and rap. Their impact extends to being recognized as independent record label pioneers, earning them a place in the Hall of Fame for their contributions to black and popular music. Nia Entertainment, launched by the Aleem brothers, is a platform showcasing talent and pushing creative boundaries. With their historical catalog as a foundation, they introduce "Urban Street Tales," a unique audio entertainment experience blending old-school radio soap opera vibes with modern episodic artistry. This innovative project, featuring the raw essence of street adventures, reflects the pulse of urban life. At the heart of Nia Entertainment is the legacy of the Fantastic Aleems, a testament to their enduring influence on the music industry.



From: Hip-Hop For Humanity (HHFH)
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Hip-Hop For Humanity Celebrates the 30th Yr Anniversary of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

HHFH Co-Founder TaharQa Aleem details the Aleems Early Involvement in the Legendary and Landmark Debut Album from the Wu-Tang Clan.

(Brooklyn, NY – Nov. 15th, 2023) – November of 2023 marks the 30th year anniversary of the groundbreaking initial Wu-Tang Clan album, Enter The Wu-Tang. Producer and Wu-Tang member RZA has been celebrating the various accolades including Nov. 9 being declared Wu-Tang Clan Day in NYC, as well as a three-day reinterpretation of the album at Gramercy Theatre. HHFH’s Co-Founder TaharQa Aleem was also on hand at the Gramercy Theatre to help RZA celebrate.

TaharQa and his twin brother Tunde Ra played a pivotal role in the start of the Wu-Tang Clan’s meteoric rise to stardom. During the 1990s, the twins stepped back from recording as artists and decided to open Konkrete Recording Studios in Mid-town Manhattan and started B.I.D. (Black Independent Distribution), to promote and distribute records. This allowed them the chance to work with the Wu-Tang Clan.

The twins helped the Wu-Tang Clan distribute their first single Protect Ya Neck in New York and helped them get signed to LOUD Records. In addition, the twins recorded some of the songs that would appear on Wu-Tang's classic debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) at Konkrete Studios. One of the songs recorded at Konkrete Studios was the wildly popular B-Side to Protect Ya Neck, Method Man, which was a part of the album, but showcased the Method Man as a solo artist. This collaboration between the twins and Wu-Tang also led to working with the Gravediggaz, which also included RZA. The story is told in further detail in their book, Jimi Hendrix & The Ghetto Fighters: In Harlem World.
HHFH salutes one of the most influential albums and producers in music and looks forward to working with RZA on future projects for the upliftment of hip-hop culture.